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Some custom board games

Hi and Happy New Year!

Just wanted to share some work I’ve had time to finish. The first is a game called ‘The Duke’.The board is engraved from 3mm bamboo laminated to a second sheet. The pieces are double sided, a set from eucalypt and a set from pine. Sanded burnt edges and triple coated with a matte clear.



The other game is ‘Hive’.  This is a super chunky set I made for taking over the coffee table. Some of the ply binder burnt to reveal itself but I don’t mind the weatherly look it gave. Bamboo engraved and mounted to 19mm pine. 3 coats of matte varnish.





Game credits I forgot to list:

The Duke, published by:Catalyst Game Labs, designers: Jeremy Holcomb & Stephen McLaughlin


Hive, published by Gen Four Two, designer: John Yianni



This is fantastic work Chad.

Hive was a game I saw a number of years ago and could never remember its name. The insect designs always remind me of my misspent youth shovelling coins into Galaga arcade machines.