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Slow traverse time in laser raster mode

For me at least, when in laser raster mode, the traverse time (ie the time it takes the laser to move from home to the start position to commence the job) is the same speed that the job is run at, eg 5mm/sec, meaning it takes ages to get to the start position.

. . In cutting mode it moves down to the start position much more quickly, even when the cutting speed is also 5mm/ sec. Is this usual or just me?


Hi Chris,

This is a know issue with the raster generation code.

You would also notice that the z-axis does moves before the x&y axes when moving to the starting position in raster operations.

Working on having this rectified.

Thanks Domenic,

I notice that it doesn’t have that issue when I use the laser fill option which is the one I intend to use for my purposes since I can run a line around it with the  lasercut option  to get a clean edge.

Yes, the Fill operation is a different code set to the Raster operation. Different people working on each one.

As an adendum to this, disabling the “Burn white” toggle stops it from happenning. Which I guess makes sense.

We have just pushed this issue through with the developers and it has been resolved.

It will be part of the new Laserweb we are currently testing and will release shortly.