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slight shift

The last couple of days I’ve had issue’s with shift. Atm I’m just doing text but, I’ve had to rerun the job because it wasn’t dark enough & this morning doing the backs of mirrors, I wanted to make sure it had cut all the way through the paint. It’s cost me 2 mirrors because of shift. I learnt pretty quick with these machines for most jobs to run the machine slower, 3000mm/m or less (depending on the job of course). Speed isn’t the issue here. I’ve noticed it seems to hit the Y limit harder than it was originally when returning to home (could be my imagination too). Then, when running the job again, there’s shift. usually only 1 or 2mm in it but, enough that it’s noticeable. The belts aren’t loose, it does everything as it should, it’s just the reset for some reason? Thanks for any help