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Slate Coasters

Slate coasters for my wife, sister and cousin to use at their desks to commemorate all their hard work to tackle a mud run. The engraving came out nice by itself but after rubbing on a couple of coats of Renaissance Wax the slate darkened and the engraving really popped.

Looks like I need to dig out my old photo tent and start taking real pictures, these cell phone pics don’t do the real things justice.


Nice one Wayne.

I know what you mean about the photo-tent. We just leave it setup these days. Luckily we have room for it.

Appreciate you sharing your work.

Looks great! What settings were you using Wayne?




Hi Mark - the settings were: 40mm/s, 100% power, 0.006" step over, pass one 0deg cross hatch, pass two 45deg cross hatch, 4W laser. Each one took about 45 mins to mark.

The slate being a natural item didn’t always mark evenly, but with a small step over and two different cross hatch patterns it came out pretty even.  The middle picture is the closest to what they really looked like.

Thanks for your reply Wayne.  I’ve seen a few of the slate engravings on here and thought I might try it some time.