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Silicone Rubber

I pre ordered the laser cutter and would like to know if it can cut silicone? Also can it cut through some acrylics?

Thanks in advance

Hi Veronica,

Silicon is normally not possible to cut because of it’s very high temperature resistance.

We actually use silicon for the cutting mats supplied with the Emblaser 2 for this very reason.

Acrylics are possible to cut as long as they are not transparent. Customers have had success cutting 2mm black acrylic with the E1. We are expecting the E2 to perform much better than this.

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Great, thank you for your answer. Just one more question. Can it engrave metals?

thanks again

You need significantly more power to engrave directly onto metals. 100’s of watts of laser power.

The Emblaser can engrave onto anodised or painted metals, but not directly onto bare metal.

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Yes, the anodised metal was what I meant.

That’s brilliant. thank you.