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Silicone mats - more info please!


I like the novel approach taken for the cutting surface. I was after a bit more info though:

  1. Are you going to supply spares as accessories? - I primarily cut cardstock and for a while used glass for my cutting base, whilst totally transparent and cleaned after every use it eventually got etched to the point that it needed to be disposed of and replaced. I can only assume the same will hold true with silicone. 

  2. What is the spacing on the grid? Some of the renders have 2 x 2 sections and some 2 x 3 so I don’t want to make assumptions :slight_smile:

  3. Whilst understanding that it would totally invalidate warranty and safety classification… Would the E2 enclosure construction theoretically allow me to modify the unit in a non-destructive (ie reversible) way so that the silicone mats could be accessed from underneath the unit? (I loved the hackability of the E1 but am drawn to the power, cutting area and finesse of the E2!)


I don’t want to answer for Dominic, but I believe I read in another thread that the silicone has a high melting point so it won’t get damaged …but I’m not positive. I’m sure Dominic will ring in with the accurate answer!

We will definitely be offering the silicon cutting mats on our online store. The mats are specially designed for the E2 (they even work well in the E1). The pattern on the top is designed to help reduce fume damage to the underside of a material.

They are 10mm tall and have a grid spacing of approximately 10mm. There are 4 needed to fill the workspace. The silicon is resilient to the laser and when they get dirty can even be washed in the dishwasher.

The E2 enclosure will not allow modification modification as you describe. To maintain the Class I laser product rating, having direct access to the laser while the machine is running is prohibited.


Is it possible to buy the silicon mats so it can be shipped together with my E2?

Are the silicon mats included with the Emblaser2?  or is it a separate purchase?

There are 4 mats included with the E2.

thanks Dominec.


I love the mats. Have just washed them for the first time and they have come up pretty clean and aren’t cut up much at all.
Certainly not cut, but engraved slightly

Which way up do they go? Someone on this forum said logos down, but I have been using them logos up for mdf.

Domenic, what’s the official advice?

Hi Tom,

The logos go down as it provides better air flow and space for debris to escape.

Page 22 of the E2 manual:

I have found, for plywood, increasing the space between the material and the laser bed vastly improves the quality of the finish on the rear of the material as there is less scorching from heat build up and/or laser reflection. I use a nail bed with most of my plywood cutting which provides an air gap of around 25mm. While my results are much better than using the silicon mats, this method of course is not endorsed by Darkly Labs.


Thanks for taking the time to post that Jeremy.

Quite embarrassing that I missed that in the instructions… R.T.F.M. as we used to say

I have been reading your bed of nails posts - very McGuyver. Not sure I have got to that point yet - but I am only a week in to owning a laser cutter.