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sewing magnets

Hi, I was asked if I could make a magnetic device to fit  onto the cloth when  sewing applique or quilts.

 The idea is the magnets sit on each side of the cloth and stays in position allowing the person to tack stitches in place. When the person is finished with the needle  it will be kept in place on the surface of the badge.

I experimented with some greyscale engraving and cuts to achieve the shading.


Looks great, but please explain more. I’m not quite following.


The people who do quilting and applique lay out the cloth in multiple layers. They then tack a temporary stitch across the sheet to hold the pieces together. When the quilt or workpiece is large and has to be folded so they can work on the smaller areas in the job they need to put the needle down and then re position the work. They are forever looking for the needle when they next want it. So the idea of the magnets is to put the backing magnet on the underside of the cloth and the top magnet (With the emblem) Above it. The magnets will stay in place when the work is moved. After using the needle  they drop it on top of the top magnet and it is attracted by magnetic force. Being approx 60mm in size the magnets do not get lost in the folds of the material.

A second use is to wear the magnets on either  side of their coat or shirt or sleeve and then put the needle on the top magnet thus keeping the needle in easy reach.

If all else fails they can use the magnets as fridge magnets to hold their notes or shopping lists.

It becomes a 3 in one tool.

PS. The shading is a vignette shade across the surface  and saved as a greyscale image , then loaded into lightburn with the line detail and burnt onto 3mm ply



I wasn’t familiar with this concept either, but now it makes great sense. Good work, John!

Ahh…ok. I understand now.

Great idea.