Setting start position ina vector shape

Hi , I am using a “Core” to inlay veneer .6mm thick.
After drawing the shape in corel draw and sending to lightburn , i need to start the cut on a curve to prevent the laser burning the veneer away at a sharp corner.
I have set the laser to cut with the speed and power controls to cut through the specific veneer and generally it cuts out the shape with a fine kerf “0.2 mm”.
When cutting soft veneer with settings that work on all but the corners (If the laser starts and stops on the corner) the very sharp corner id burnt away. If the cut starts and sptops on the curve the corner is NOT burnt away.
Is there any way I can control the laser to start cuts on the curve. (See attached image)

Great question John!

There is no way to automatically select a curve to start on, however I can provided two methods that should prevent the issue you are having:

Manually set the start point for each shape:
You can set the start point manually: LightBurn: Start Point Editor


Lead-In / Lead-Out:
You can add a ‘lead-in’ and/or ‘lead-out’ to your cuts automatically. This will add a short curve to each shape, where the laser starts: LightBurn: Line Settings - Lead-In / Lead-Out

Please let me know if this resolves the issue.

~ Lliam

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Lliam, Great answer and response time.
Just checked out the manual method of setting the start point and all went well.
I was just excited to get work from the laser and should have checked out ALL of the tools rather than the basic. Thanks again