Service and support from Darkly Labs

If you are browsing these forums wondering if you should buy an Emblaser, here is some info from personal experience.

I bought an Emblaser 1 six years ago as a Kick Starter kit. Since then it has done hundreds of jobs in my CNC workshop and never missed a beat. I have had terrific technical support, software updates and continued use of a high tech product for a time span that would be unheard of with other tech start ups.

The ultimate came last weekend; I went to use the laser for the first time since a major storm and workshop flooding. It turned out one of the steppers got wet in the storm and was rusted seized. I emailed the help desk on Sunday morning to enquire about a replacement not expecting anything quick I got a reply on Sunday afternoon advising replacements were available, copied in the sales department who raised a PayPal purchase and posted me the replacements. It arrived today and is installed an operational.

If you want a great product, backed by a team that actually cares about their customers then look no further.



Thank you for the kind words David.