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If you are browsing these forums wondering if you should buy an Emblaser, here is some info from personal experience.

I bought an Emblaser Core in June 2019, and after being unable to get it working with any of the Windows PCs I have, switched to Linux and was able to (mostly) use it happily for about a year.

There were a couple of issues which just resulted in finger-pointing between Darkly and LightBurn, and which AFAIK have never been resolved. For example, finishing position after ending a job, and only being able to make one jog move if the positioning laser is on.

Just out of warranty, the Emblaser Core suddenly stopped communicating with my laptop, and the upshot was that because I was running LightBurn on Linux, Darkly couldn’t help me troubleshoot beyond obvious steps like “try a different cable”, or “try a different PC”.

They couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me what additional troubleshooting would be available if I tried to source a PC with the latest version of Windows.

From what I can see, the only real option is to buy a new control board ($600-ish) and hope that I guessed right, but even that was not an option because there was no stock available.

So, throw even more money at this thing, or buy a CO2 laser for less than the price of the unavailable possible fix, or maybe a 2nd hand laser off Gumtree?

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your message about the difficulties you have experienced.

Firstly, we stand by our products and would like to do whatever is needed to make you happy with your Emblaser Core. There are many customers using this machine every day so we are sure whatever issue you are having can be overcome.

We just checked your last support ticket and see that you had not replied after we offered to get your controller board back and check it for issues. This was ticked #3592.

When it comes to possible software related issues causing the problem, we do have to rely on LightBurn themselves to assist. Windows 7 is an old operating system and no longer supported by Microsoft and Linux is also a rarely used o/s that we do not have much experience with it. LightBurn
was unable to resolve the issue and recommended updating to Windows 10.

We would like to resolve this easily and quickly for you. If you can please send your controller board back to us we can check it for faults and then organise a replacement or look into the issue further.

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