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Securing Projects with silicon mats

Just looking for ideas for how people are holding down their projects when using the mats. I’ve seen a few older posts of ways to do it without the mats.


Hi Michael,

We often use these magnetic support clips to hold materials directly onto the machine’s baseplate.

These are 3d printed and contain a flat head screw on one end and magnet in the other end. They not only help hold material in place but also help keep it flat.


This is great, I was unsure if the mats had to be used for the cutting process.Thankyou

You don’t have to use the mats, but they do protect the base plate from scorching.

Domenic, would you be willing to share your holder item via something like Thingiverse, where we can get the file to produce our own?

Also, I had a thought to drill the baseplate for standoffs, which could be used to support the material as well as–if you cut the material appropriately and use a longer standoff–provide a way to flip and orient the material for double-sided lasering.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the equipment to drill the baseplate… 

Here is an article on how to make these: