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Hi again,

Another project with various thickness and veneer plywoods

Hope you enjoy


Cool stuff!

Are all the layers stacked?

Have you tried inlaying the different veneers? I have found that cutting out, or deeply engraving the different sections of the design means that you can finish the individual parts differently with minimal to no “bleed”.

Hi Daniel,

As in the case of the angelfish I just had a single layer (Colour black) and placed each piece of plywood over the base cutout ( 6mm poplar). Without removing the waste cutout from the first layer (This gives a void over which I can place the next layer) i place a piece of ply or veneer (depending on the thickness i want to obtain) in the appropriate section and tape down the corners.  Then selecting the appropriate path within the design, and using the “Cut selected graphics” option in the lightburn software I cut out that layer . Repeat for each layer of plywwood or veneer in the design and then glue each layer on top of each other to achieve the finished article.

I was after a 3d effect in the design  rather than an inlayed one  and so used different thicknesses of ply , veneer or solid timber. Also with this method  I don’t have to concern myself with any offset required if it was inlay.



Great work John.