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Seahorse on slate

Emblaser 1 - 60 mm/min, 90% power using Lightburn software. It took about 16 minutes.

That looks great Jared.

Do you think you need to coat that with anything to protect it?

We have been experimenting on painted tiles recently. Keep a look out for the post about this soon.

Thanks Domenic. I have put a coat of clear acrylic on it after the burn. The clear acrylic I use (for a number of things) is the liquid acrylic floor polish, called Future in some places and now Pledge in Canada. It’s a tough crystal clear finish that I also mix with acrylic craft paints to give them a bit of gloss and increased hardness.

I’m going to be trying some of the painted tile soon myself. One thing I did find out from the site with all the painted tile etching was the ability to etch clear acrylic by spraying on a coat of flat white paint, doing the etch then cleaning off the paint. It worked very well but I’ve only done a small test so far. The small test looked great being edge lit by with LED light.

Thanks for the info.

We recently posted a project similar to what you describe with the clear acrylic:


Interesting, I missed that blog post. I’ll be looking for some of that peel paint.