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Scope for 8-10 Watt laser module

Hi Darkly Team,

Is there a scope of  having higher wattage laser modules for the E2? Smething like this :


Their 10 Watt laser claims to Engraves on stainless steel, copper and brass, Cuts 4-5 mm (1/6’’) wood and plywood with just one pass & Cuts 8 mm (1/3’’) dark acrylic with 2-3 passes.

The current requirement for the 10Watt is 5-8amps; does the E2 board have the ability to support that?



Hi Joel,

Not everything you see on the internet is what it appears!

We have looked into this product being shown, and even being tested in a lab. The information all looks great, until to take into account that they are basically severely overpowering the diode they are using.

Without getting into technical stuff, this is the best way to degrade and kill a diode over a very short period of time.


Hi Domenic,

Understand what you mean…thanks for getting back!!