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School classroom desk pencil organiser

These are for my wife’s classroom.

Cut on the E2 with logo engraved.

4mm ply


These are great! Would you mind sharing your settings? I attempted to cut 3mm plywood for the first time this weekend with my E1, 4 watt. I tried 4 passes with 3mm/sec at 100% power and 6 passes with 1.9mm/sec at 100%. Neither setting cut the whole piece out cleanly. I had about 30% that needed to be trimmed with an x-acto knife. Are you doing any sanding afterwards? I’m not sure mine is even capable of it, but any info to share I’d sure appreciate it!


There’s always sanding…
There’s sometimes trimming, but with these settings, 98% of pieces should be cut free.

3.1mm Ply (decent stuff from Plyco):
100% power
2 passes
0 Z step per pass
1.5mm lower than the top of the ply

4.4mm Ply (decent stuff from Plyco):
100% power
4 passes
0.25mm Z step per pass
2mm lower than the top of the ply

Excellent work.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Tom,

  Do you mind sharing the file?

If yes, please email me it at ssj23love@hotmail.com