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Scan Angle

I seem to have an issue with scan Angle on a my images. Every time I set Scan Angle (I normally like to use 45 degrees it changes the size of my image. Is there something I am doing wrong if I want to use Scan Angle.



Just to add a never note the less angle I use the nearer the image is to the original.

If I use 0 degrees the image is perfect, if I use 10 degrees the image changes a little and so on.



If you have resized the image with different scales for width and height this is a known issue. Generally people don’t do that with photos, so this hasn’t been a high priority item to fix. What are you trying to scan?

Hi Alan,

Can you advise whether you have scaled the image different amounts in the width and height?

Is this a visible change in the software OR only after you have engraved it?


Yes I have scaled the image different amounts in the width and height.

This happens on various formats and various images.

This is not visible in the software but can be seen in preview.

The scan images at the moment are black and white simple images.


Hope this helps



Hi Alan,

As this is a know issue in LB, I would recommend you rescale your images outside of LB first.

Altering the scale of the image for width and height the same amount does work, it’s only when you alter the proportions different amounts.