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Safe to cut a fridge magnet?

Hi, am wondering if it is safe to cut a fridge magnet with an Emblaser 2?  It would be a one-off and only approx 20mm by 20mm in,size, for sticking to a 3ply personalised magnet.  Any thoughts on power and speed settings?

I believe this magnetic material contains chlorine and may produce toxic fumes.

Unless you have the MSDS for it, I would recommend not risking it.

Thank you Domenic, enough said so I’ll resort to scissors and cutting knives.  Much appreciated; can’t be too safe.

I think it will be the safest.

I made the mistake of cutting some plastic years ago when we were developing the Emblaser 1.

I didn’t know exactly what type of plastic it was. As it started cutting I noticed a strong smell and although I stopped it very quickly, I had a headache for a day or so.


Wow, that sounds significant. Gil Poznanski always suggests burning a sample and looking for a green flame (chlorine gas) but I be don’t own a suitable tool. I wonder if a Clik cigarette lighter would get hot enough?