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Running 3D files on the Core using LB

I recently starting doing the Norton method for white tiles & I want to try 3D files now on tiles painted multiple colours. I want to purchase files from a particular website but, I’m not sure what files will work? I also have a bunch of 3D files (V3M) I use on my CNC but, I’m not sure the files I have will work? I use VCarve Pro for my CNC  (no laser add on) & I noticed the Emblaser listed in  the machines list of codes but, so far I’ve had no luck… Can I use V3M  (tap) files in LB? If not what can I use? Thanks

Hi Robert,

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LightBurn is two dimensional software package that is not able to import 3D file types, including .V3D files (Vectric 3D Model) which is a proprietary file type, created by Vectrics who produce the VCarve software.

LightBurn can open most 2D raster and vector file types - I’ve included these in the screenshot below:

For tiles with multiple layers of paint, the ‘depth’ will need to be set by carefully tuning the Speed & Power so that only the required layer/s are removed by the laser.

I’d love to see how you go with this if you feel like sharing your journey!


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G’day Liam, can’t say I’m not disappointed to hear that but challenge accepted. Thanks mate