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Rummy-O Game Set

This has been one of those thorn in my side projects for the past year.  Lots of issues along the way between cutting, inlay, finished and overall look of things which made me waste a lot of wood and time, none was the EM2’s fault.  Finally got everything to work out and was able to finish the project.  The tiles are cut from 1/8” Basswood from the craft store and the numbers are engraved about a third of the way down to give a nice cavity to backfill.  Each tile was sanded and then given a few coats of spray lacquer to seal the surface before doing the backfilling.  I used 30 min epoxy with a little bit of acrylic paint to color it, loaded it into a syringe and filled the cavity.  Adding the paint to the epoxy significantly reduces the epoxy pot life and a syringe will almost cut the pot life in half as well.  So you have to move fast!  I had to throw out a lot of tiles in the beginning because the paint made the epoxy harden too fast and I wasn’t able to finish.  Trying to color match was a wreck too, so had to recut tiles and try again. Next time I would use a much longer pot life epoxy so I can do all 26 tiles of the same color at once.  The game is so much nicer to play verses the cheap plastic tiles.  I have six more sets to make, but I told those people to not hold their breath – I don’t want to see these in my workshop anytime soon!

Lots of work there - nice one

Awesome work.

You’ve done it now… Wait till your friends spread the word. I see a lot of these on your horizon!