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Rubber Stamps - anyone engraving stamps?

I’m using "StampFlex Premium Laserable Rubber A4 2.3mm"

I have the 4W emblaser.

Is anyone using this or similar rubber to create rubber stamps, what settings are you using?  Speed, power, passes, stepover - everything.  I’m trying various settings, all without too much success.  I’ve seen the Darkly Labs post about one particular rubber stamp material but this StampFlex Rubber is different.  Thank you.


I’ve had a brief play with lazerable rubber that I bought off ebay. From memory I think I went for something like 80% power, 1400mm/min with crosshatch @ 0.4 spacing. Something like 6 or 8 passes. Using Cut2D

I was looking to make small stamps (25x25mm) with lots of detail. Failed miserably although the stamps visually looked fine. I think they needed some sort of gradient from the surface to the backing to give the printing surface more support so that the fine detail doesn’t crumble away. I think the solution will be to use that photo engraving app that has a section on the forum - I’ve seen a couple of posts with 2.5d engraving which I think will work perfectly when scaled down.   

I’ve tried to create stamps using 2 different materials (bought each from a local art supplies store):

  • dark grey linoleum
  • pink rubber.

The grey linoleum worked well enough that I could get good find detail on it. When the power was too high, the linoleum would spread the heat from the laser and melt the surrounding area just enough to screw up fine details. On a low-ish setting I could get very small details engraved perfectly.
At the best settings I could find, the stamp engraving was quite shallow, so it would be effective if using as an ink stamp, but a thicker liquid like acryllic paint might fill up the shallow ‘wells’ too easily for the stamp to work well.
I haven’t tried Andrew’s suggestion yet, but I think that would solve the issues I was having a hard time getting a deep enough engraving. Just gotta figure out how to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

The pink rubber totally failed. It’s just the wrong type of material for the emblaser’s laser frequency, so the light just goes through it and leaves no mark.


I don’t have access to a Darkly machine, but I have seen a manual for one that has its own rubber stamp software.

I can confirm that it automatically tapers the sides for support.

I imagine it does this by multiple raster engraving passes, the first being As Drawn, and each subsequent one having the print area enlarged (and therefore the engraved area reduced) by a gnat’s whisker.