Rowmark burn settings

Laser Cutter Rowmark.pdf (152.1 KB)
Ive just uploadad some cutting parameters for some of Rowmark’s products. Great results but please make sure you vent!

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Hi John,

Thanks for the settings. We have some Rowmark materials in the Lab and I have been meaning to do a project with them.


Gday Domenic
yes, I got the sample pack and was doing some experimentation with them. They turned out very nice. Ended up getting some larger sheets. Im thinking of doing some clock faces, clock hands, name tags, etc etc. The metal finished ones are very nice. Only issue is the smell. I’ve got my Core in a home made cabinet with an extraction fan but the smell still permeates out. Thats ok…family isn’t complaining so far! BTW, the new mesh cutting tray is absolutely fantastic!!! The new diode sounds sweet! Have to save up my pennies for one!


Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll give it a try. Appreciate if you can share some pictures of your beautiful projects :slight_smile: