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Rounded slate with Test Power Grid

I also wanted to do a test with slate. This was my first attempt.
I created a power grid to see, how speed and power makes some differences.

As you can see, there is not a big differences between speed and power. When the laser-job was finished, i sprayed a layer of clearcoat.

The speed settings are in mm/min. I also included the link to the power grid Cut2D file.



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I have been engraving slate as well… Can’t seem to post pictures on here ?? Your information and work is very helpful . Thank you

Nice job Salvatore,

It is very interesting how the power does not have much tonal effect on the slate.

Have you tried power levels below 60%. Did they just not affect the slate?


You can attach a picture with the ‘image’ icon when you are typing a message.

See the image below:



Hi Domenic

No, i do not have made yet other test´s below 60%, but this was only one side of the slate. I will made another power grid test from 10% to 50% on the other side of the slate in the next days.


Here on can see the remaining tests with power settings from 10% to 50% with various speed. You can see quite clearly, that with less power, the grids are less filled.

For my personal taste are the best setting at a power of 70% and a rate of 300 mm/min.

The images have a slight yellowish tone, because I have made the pictures on the balcony as the sun went down :slight_smile:

Thanks for the new results Salvatore.

It certainly looks like you can get some reasonable tonal variation in slate if you needed to.