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Romark Acrylic Cutting

Fellow Emblaser’s

Quick question on cutting Acrylic.

Has anyone successfully cut a complex shape from Acrylic such as a Merry Christmas Cake topper?

What I am finding is that with simple image, such as mickey ears, the Emblaser 2 cut’s through the 3mm Green Acrylic, 6 passes @ 150mm min. However, with more complex images such as a Merry Christmas cake topper approx size 150mm x 130mm, the heat, as it takes 1hr 30min to finish the job, is bending the acrylic and as a result not cutting all the way through.

I’ve been using Romark.

Also, thoughts on cutting the acrylic with or without the protect coating would be appreciated.

Thx …



I had that happen with thick corrugated cardboard, and just put a weight on it, but strong magnets are something I want to try, since they can be small.