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Reset Origin Seems to Mess Z access up

I need to be able to do step repeat of small designs without regenerating the gcode every time.

One way I thought of was to move the carriage and hit the rest origin.

Then I noticed the laser height seems to not be right anymore.


I did a reset of the machine and everything was fine again.


Any comments?

Hi Glenn,

We have replicated this issue and are working on a resolution. This same problem should be present when the machine is ‘homed’ multiple times. You can notice the work offset in the console window incrementing by 10mm each time.

We believe it is related to the version of firmware we are using and the mode it is placed in.

We will release an update as soon as we have it fully tested in the lab.



A possibly related question,


Each startup I get the following error message at the bottom right of the LaserWeb window:   

Work Offset: 0 / 0 / 10 / undefined


It happens whether or not I have gone into machine settings and put in “2.75” for the Tool offset in the Z Axis settings.


Also, I have no idea what “ROT” means in the location input boxes.  Does it allow a rotation of the set work task?  

Hi Michael,

Yes, that undefined message is a result of the same issue.

This has been resolved in the latest firmware we have been working on and will be released shortly.

ROT = Rotation.

It will allow you to rotate the document or vectors you have selected by the amount entered into the rotate box.