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Replica watch

Hi,  all

here is a project that you may like  to cut on the emblaser. I cut mine from 6mm poplar and 1.5 mm eucalypt.

Once assembled the band is joined using a small magnet (Available from Aussie Magnets).

It is meant as a desktop artifactl  but can be worn carefully if required.


Here is the download link courtesy of Darkly labs



Fantastic craftsmanship John.

Thank you for sharing this.

Sorry I forgot to add,

The settings in the cut file do not represent the actual  settings used. You will need to set them for your laser and are more like 

6mm ply 4 mm/sec @ 100 %  and 6 passes

1.5 eucalypt   ply  4 mm /sec @ 100% and 2 passes

The etching is 20mm /sec @ 70% and 1 pass


Hope all goes well