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Recommended Computer System Requirements for LightBurn?

What are the RECOMMENDED Computer System Requirements for LightBurn?

I’m looking for another used notebook to run my Emblaser2

Their website states an unhelpful “No specific requirements, it is best to download the trial version to see if it will work with your current computer system”

My current HP notebook is struggling with Laserweb. I don’t know if it’s the machine or the software.
Windows 7 starter
2Gb Ram
1.6GHz Intel Atom

LightBurn was written to be high performance on even lower end computers. Several of the users in our beta/trial group use Windows 7, 32-bit celeron machines and report no issues.

On Mac, the framework we build on requires MacOS 10.11 or newer, though we’re investigating what would be required to roll that back a little.

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For a little more detail, LightBurn was purpose authored for speed, and compiles to native code for each supported platform. LaserWeb runs as JavaScript in a browser, so it has very significant performance limits as a result.

Anecdotally, Domenic tried an early version of LightBurn for the first time on his Mac Mini (not known for raw horsepower). He initially thought LightBurn was broken because there was no perceptible passage of time between clicking “Start” and when the laser began cutting his sample job. He was not used to the experience, but it’s what we strive for. The software should not make you wait if it doesn’t need to.

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Sounds Encouraging.

How about when the E2 Camera starts to be a usable thing?
Do I need to have more powerful RAM, Processor or Video Ram (is that a thing anymore) to cope with the video?

I can’t say for sure without more investigation into the camera system, but there are ways to minimize the impact - for example, having a “snapshot” button instead of a live feed. If you aren’t moving the item on the workpiece there would be no need to have it live.

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