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RC plane

Hi team,

Firstly shout out to Mohammad who constructed this Model Airplane Tail a few years ago (not just the tail).

Thought I’d share my balsa wood RC Spitfire as it’s starting to look pretty good now.

Loving the Emblaser 2. I’ve learnt a lot about the settings for balsa wood throughout the 5-month development, so if anyone would like some tips I’ll keep up to date on this thread. 

I am running an aeronautics course with my students on how to build similar models, so any tips for me on LightBurn would be greatly appreciated (I’m still pretty basic). 


Here’s the updated prototype covered.

This is excellent work.

I like the dihedral in the wings. Is it curved or is that just my imagination?

Please keep sharing your progress. I think this thread will start to gain some interest.

Cheers Domenic,

Haha no it’s not your imagination - and I’m impressed by your terminology, sounds like you know your planes.

That curve was actually by accident - but very cool result I agree. Just like an airliner! Achieved by glueing the top struts from the centre to the edges while holding the middle down. 



Shortly after :smiley: - (we are very inexperienced pilots at this stage)

But good as new thanks to old mate laser!


Oh boy. I certainly know that feeling. I recall a plane I took out for the first time that had lost comms at around 200feet and then nose dived straight into the ground at full power. There was no piece left larger than my thumbnail.

Glad you got it back together. The second flight will be better!

Sheesh! Bet you wish you had an Emblaser 2 back then.