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Quartz lens query

Apologies if this has been covered somewhere and I’ve missed it but I have a question about the quartz lens that is now available in the store. Is this an enhancement for the original lens that was shipped with the Emblaser 2 and if so are there any details of performance  improvements that it brings - either from Darklylabs or anectodedly from users who have upgraded theirs?

I did the G7 lens upgrade to the Emblaser 1 and if the performance improvements were of a similar nature I’d be keen to give it a go, though for the price I’d want some certainty that it was worthwhile.

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I have the same question Chris. I’m keen to order the new lens unit with Quartz focus lens but want to know what the main benefits will be, particularly to the lens cleaning process. 

I have the 1st generation emblaser 2 and am also wanting to know about these 2nd generation upgrades.

I know this post is a little old but I wanted to give it a bump. 

I’ve used both the new one-piece lens and the old 2 part one. I mainly use my Emblaser 2 to cut/engrave leather and unfortunately my cutting time dramatically increased with the new lens. I’m told by Darkly Labs that shouldn’t be the case at all, so it’s possible there is something else going on. But it would help to hear from others what their experience with the 2 different lens types has been so I can try and figure out what the issue might be (and so others can decide if they should upgrade).