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Prototype Modelling

I design all all sorts of strange things for the Theatre industry. Many of them are welded constructions, fitting together like air fix kits for ease of construction… It is very easy to make small errors in the design of these components, which don’t come to light until they’re on the shop floor. Now I can accurately model these things to test the fabrication in advance. The models also greatly help the Client to visualise and understand the final structures much better than drawings do.

These are 1:10 models of underfloor structures for rising seating for the RSC in Stratford


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Well done Giles.

I bet you’re the new best friend of the fabricators who are ultimately tasked with assembling these big structures.

Very nicely detailed structures. I’m curious as to how these structures work! Which part is the seat, and which part is walked on?

The top surface will be walked on, and the open slot accommodates at ‘lift’ at 14 degrees on which are mounted a pair of seats. The lift rises when the seats are required. The ‘box’ shown is just the main structure - all the mechanics are then added (linear actuator, roller chains etc…)

Ah! Fascinating. So these will just form flat platform risers when the seats are not deployed? Sounds like a bit of a mechanical jigsaw puzzle.

I do theatre design as well, and I just built a set model for a very complicated multi-level set design using the Emblaser to cut out all the pieces. in fact, I must thank you Giles for your inspiring model photos on the model train forum site rhat helped me decide to buy the Emblaser. Domenic, give him a raise! He’s your best salesman.