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Promote your stuff for sale thread

How about we post links here in this thread to products that we sell, that have been made with the help of the Emblaser 1 & 2?

Me, I mostly make small MDF signs that are then silicone molded and ‘cold cast’ in Bronze/Resin. It’s a bit of work with lots of processes, but starts with cutting on a E2

60 signs per month at the moment (mostly to U.S. buyers through Etsy)

Check them out: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/TomsNewOldThings

They are fantastic Tom!

Some very funny ones in there.

Thank you Domenic,
Interestingly for me, the best sellers aren’t actually the funny ones, and are more the “Staff Only” and “Private” signs.

Anyone else here sell products online or at markets?
Show us your stuff!

I make buildings fpr HO Scale model Rail.  This is based on a film-set church (in much worse condition) in Lighting Ridge

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These two  are based on actual fettler’

s sheds around the tracks in NSW.  The 5-bay is being built at Valley Heights.  The two bay was a special order.

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Goods sheds in rural NSW come in all shapes and sizes, on a common theme.  All that I have seen are heavily “weathered”.

The frames and bases are laser-cut 2mm card :  “Pallet Board”.  Window bits are 0.6mm card.

The “corrugated iron” is foil yogurt lids pressed over plastic model  corrugate at HO Scale’

I find scale model work fascinating