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Problem with Laser focus

Hi there,

I just opimized my focus distance while using the cutting mat. Best results are at 15mm offset rather than the 10mm mentioned in the manual. Am I missing something? Is my diode/optic misaligned?

Dont get me wrong, it works perfect. Just worried that anything else might be affected. 

Best regards


Hi Jan,

Have you run the Calibration Gcode with the calibration card that came with your system?  This will give you a tool offset value (usually between 4 and 6) that gets plugged into Settings/Machine/Tool Offset.  This tells the software how far away your laser is from the cutting surface.  Once you have this value plugged in, you can use the material database and add the 10 mm for the cutting mats.

Hi John,
hmm, actually I did not. I think its because somewhere along the line I read the Emblaser comes calibrated.
But thanks, I will check that again.
Best regards