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Problem Connecting Lightburn via USB (EM2)

If there is anyone out there who can help with a problem I would greatly appreciate it. I seem to have run into a problem that appears to be a common problem. After four months of my machine connecting perfectly every time via USB now when connected and machine on light burn just says (Waiting For Connection). From the sounds of it this seems to be a common bug in the software/firmware. I know little about computers. However I do know I am unable to connect my machine and make cool stuff. I completely uninstalled Light Burn from my Microsoft Surface and re-installed and I am out of options, so I figured I would hit up the forums for the first time. Any ideas?

HI Dane,

What version of windows are you running?

Does the Emblaser 2 correctly ‘home’ and make 2 beeps when you turn it on?

Does the Emblaser appear in your windows device manager?

Hello Domenic. Oddly enough my machine just started connecting as I was reading your comment. I am not sure what happened but all seems to be well. I did do an update which might have fixed the problem. Everything seems to home in and work properly! I will reach out if the problem persists. Thank you so much!