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'Print and cut'/ die cutting

Hello, is it possible to die cut around a design printed on a piece of paper or cardstock? Wondering if the Emblaser can replace my paper die cutter/plotter. I currently do this by scanning into the plotter machine an image of the item to be cut with registration marks.

Is home laser toner or inkjet printed paper OK to cut in the Emblaser?

Also, would glitter card or metallic cardstock be OK?

Thanks so much. Hopefully when I get the machine I can contribute more than questions!


The Emblaser 2 does not come with the ability to auto-align to a design It does come with a workspace camera to help with material and design alignment.

To cut around a printed design, you will need to ensure your design is aligned on the workspace with your material. We have been doing this with the Emblaser 1 for a while to cut out paper-craft designs. Other than alignment, the only issue that sometimes arises if if your printed design does not exactly match the digital one. This can happen during the printing process when the printer may distort the image.

You can certainly work with regular inkjet or copy paper. The way we handle glitter or metallic card is to cut it on the underside which usually does not have the glitter or metallic coating. 

Hope that helps.

this sounds awesome. thanks for your reply.

cant wait!!!