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Prevent cut paper from flying around (E2)

I would like to know how you guys cut thin (80 g / m2) paper, and ensure that the cut pieces don’t move during the job.

I tried to cut lots of 2 x 2 cm squares from a A4 sheet, and almost none survived, being cut multiple times after shifting position, the paper being lifted resulting in curved lines, etc.

Using magnets to hold down the paper is not viable, at least one magnet per square would be needed and it’s almost impossible to position them right so they don’t interfere with the laser path. 

I tried covering the sheet with a 2 mm glass plate, and this yields perfect results… except that the glass plate requires cleaning afterwards, and also shows slight etching.

Putting the glass plate under the paper is better than allowing the large gaps of the silicone map, but bit still tend to fly around.

Do you have any better solution? A vacuum bed possibly? Is the E2 ready to be equipped with one?

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel, I know this is an old question, did you solve your problem? One thing I do when cutting card is not have the air assist running, I’m not sure if that is what we’re supposed to do but it works for me. When cutting paper or card, I rarely use the air assist. 

Hope that helps