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"Pre-laser" Alignment mode light stopped working

My “Pre-laser” Alignment mode light no longer comes on when I press the Laser Enable button.
It was a really handy feature.

It stopped working weeks ago with Laserweb, and doesn’t work with LightBurn

Where can I start looking to trouble shoot this? Dip switches, Cables, wires? Dirt, Smoke?


What light is that Tom?..The light on the laser enable button? 


The laser should come on like a dim flashlight to allow lining up of the laser head on the E2.

As discussed here: https://darklylabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000339851-Laser-always-on-

OK if the laser button is not illuminated when you press it, the normal issue is the lid safety switches.   Clean the contacts on the underside of the lid and ensure the lid is closing properly and making with the contacts you see on each front corner.


No laser button illuminating also means no laser being switched on.

No, that’s all ok, Just no little alignment light pointing onto the material.

I’m not aware of an alignment light. Apologies, I was scratching my head over the fact that you had no laser light but was still apparently operational!


Still puzzled Tom,  I’m assuming you are talking about the low level laser light that comes on when you press the laser on button. So…when I cant see this light it is normally because the silicon air shroud is slightly misaligned blocking the light. 

Same thing happened to my E2 a couple of weeks ago too Tom. I’m not using the silicon air assist as I prefer the other one so I know that that isn’t the issue. I’m also fairly certain it didn’t occur after a firmware update but just happened randomly one day.
I don’t have to line up material much anymore so I didn’t bother looking for a fix.


I’ve now figured out the FIRE LASER feature on LightBurn and this does the job quite nicely

Is this any different that just closing the lid and turning on the laser or is there something else to do it better?



This is something to do it better. You still need to have the lid closed, and the EmBlazer laser button on.
After that though, you can have the laser on at up to 20% to test position and things

Any resolution on this Darkly Labs or LB?

Having pre-laser mode would be helpful to align the camera.

It doesn’t seem that “fire-laser” is an option on LB anymore either.