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Power consumption

Does anyone notice a great rise in there power bill by playing around with emblaser 2. Looking to buy one just curious on power consumption.

Hi Jody,

The Emblaser 2 is a low power device. 

When absolutely everything is moving and the laser is at 100%, the power used is around 70watts.

So, this is less that running a 75 watt light globe.

Hope that helps.

We had an Industrial GCC Laser, 960x600 bed with a 100W laser…

It draw on average around 2Kw of actual power to run the 100W of lasing.

I haven’t even noticed a blip on my power bill (Mind you I did just change the snake cage heat lamp to the summer 70W from the winter 150W, So I guess the laser is taking up the saving from the snake ^-^)


I stuck a Kill-A-Watt style meter on my E2 tonight (USA power supply).  Running at 100% power with air assist on it drew 48W, didn’t matter the cutting speed as long as the motors were moving.  I ran a couple different cutting profiles which ended up being an hour’s worth of time tonight and was always locked in at 48W. When the machine was idling it measured 12W. So for me its 15 cents per kW/hr and at 48W in an hour, not even a cost factor for the electric bill.

Thanks for running the test Wayne.

We can understand why people are interested in this information. Electricity costs in Australia, for example, are currently very high. People running things from their homes don’t want any surprises when their bill arrives.

Second note, I noticed when I lifted the lid the idle power dropped to 10W and went back to 12W when I hit the enable button. So another little savings if you don’t hit enable until the last moment.  For me I keep forgetting so I hit it as soon as material is loaded.

From an Australian perspective, I’m being charged AU$0.26 per kWh for electricity. Using the above figures of 70W (Dominic), 48W (running Wayne) and 12W (idling Wayne), then I get the following costs per hour:

Power        Usage in one hour    Costs per hour

(W)             (kWh)                      (AU$)       (US$ at 15c/kWh)

70               0.07                         0.018       0.01

48               0.048                       0.012       0.007

12               0.012                       0.003       0.002

So if you say roughly 1 cent per hour, you’d be pretty close as part of the time it would be idling.                     

Great info.

That really helps put it all in perspective.