Potential Bug in Lightburn 1.3.01

Since upgrading to the latest Lightburn version I have had a recurring problem. My laser is an Emblaser 2.
When working on any project in the latest Lightburn version I have noticed when I switch back and forth from mm to inches and back to mm (not totally fluent in metric) to gauge the overall size of my work area frame, the support height reverts back to 2 mm even though I had it set for 27.1 mm prior to the quick switch over to inches. This has lead to head crashes into the work surface. This reverting back to a default support height when switching measurement systems (mm-in-mm) has been repeatable on dozens of project I have made in the last week. Even when I save the project work, close it out, re-open it with the correct values all showing, just changing the measurement system will cause the support value to be changed back to a default value of 2 mm.

Now the replies I got back from The Lightburn Forum all seem to indicate it’s not a Lightburn anomaly but may be related specifically to the Emblaser.

Has anyone seen this problem? Screenshots below.

Possible bug 20221225(2).pdf (883.0 KB)

We will review this and see whether is it repeatable at our end.

Stay tuned

Hi Pat,

Thanks for alerting us to this.

I can confirm that I can recreate this issue in LightBurn 13.01.
I will follow this up with LightBurn and hopefully it will be resolved in the next release.

Thanks again!

Great to hear. Thanks for following up.