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Popping noise while cutting


When I am cutting through 3mm ply (speed 200, power 100%, 2 passes) usually on the 2nd pass I am hearing a popping sound and little flash as it cuts through the wood. Is this just the last little bits burning through or something more sinister?


Hi Charlie,
I can’t say I have ever noticed this before, but I suspect it is either the material cutting through the last sections, like you describe.
Or possibly the laser passing over the ridges on the cutting mats.
I do not think is it anything to worry about.

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Hi Charlie,

FWIW, I often have the same sounds when cutting ply.
The nature of plywood is that it’s not a homogeneous material, and it can have pockets of air, glue, or moisture, so the laser can burn through at different rates, and sometimes heating a bit of moisture or glue can boil it, giving the popping noise.
I find it happens more with ‘older’ ply that’s been sitting around.

If your cut is getting through the material, and particularly if you’re using air assist, you can definitely hear as the laser passes over the ribs in the support mats (as Dominic said).


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