Plywood World Globe

This is a World Globe I made with my Emblazer Core machine.

The globe itself has two layers. The inner layer is 3 mm Laser Ply and the outer layer (with the continents etched) is 1.5 mm Laser Ply.

The stand is made from Victorian Ash and is hand made and not laser cut. However, the Zodiac signs are etched onto the stand using the Emblazer Core.

It stands about 700 mm tall and rotates around the axis through the globe.

Graham Jenkins


This looks great Graham.

What did you varnish the ply with to get such a nice finish?

This is amazing, Graham - did you design it yourself or find the files online?
Either way the final product is very impressive! Well done!!

Hi Domenic

I just used a water based satin varnish. Or actually it might have been gloss but I find the water based varnish is easier toi work with on something like this.



Thanks Liam

I spent some time looking for the globe gores on-line. You need these to draw the continents etc in the correct position for the globe.

I found a jpg of the 12 gores for the Rand McNally Co. 12 inch globe on Wiki Media Commons. I used these to scale and then trace all of the important features onto each of the pieces of the globe.

The layer underneath is just a sphere made out of 3 mm ply. When I say sphere it is made of lots of flat planes that I cut out with the Emblazer Core.

I used Fusion 360 to create each of the slices plus a set of connectors that holds each of the pieces together.

The outside layer was etched on equivalent sized pieces of 1.5 mm ply.

I designed the globe and stand myself as I wanted something that could sit on the floor in my lounge room.

I would really like to make a globe of the moon, but I can’t seem to find a decent map showing the whole globe. There is a web site that includes gores (the slices of the globe) of the moon but these are not very clear. NASA also have a rectangular mosaic image of the moon, but again it is photos. US Geological survey have rectangular maps drawn for the moon, but they are not in a form that I can use for a globe. Trouble is I am not a surveyor or cartographer so I cant seem to genberate these gores myself.

Anyway I will keep looking for a suitable map of the moon and hopefully I will also be able to make one of the moon.



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Wow, thats a lot of work, super impressive.