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Plywood suppliers

Hi there,

Does anyone know of a reliable laser plywood supplier in Newcastle or Sydney. If not, has anyone found a grade/type of plywood from Mister Ply and Wood that is suitable? I need a thickness of 3mm and of 4-5mm. Thankyou

I’m on the Central Coast and get all my plywood shipped in from Balsa Central in SA (at wholesale rates):

But if you’re not keen on them checkout this thread:

Thanks Jeremy, I’ve read the  Australian Laser Grade post and there are no suggestions for suppliers up my way. I’ve also checked out Balsa central, looks good although a fairly limited range compared to Plyco. Was hoping to find someone local to avoid excessive freight. Cheers

Hi Jeremy,

I too live in Newcastle and have gone through the search for suitable plywood with limited success.

No success with MrPlywood . Some nice grain but only suitable for engraving

I have tried Plyco and could not cut their 3 mm ply. It seems that their glue is not compatable with the emblaser.

Maybe their poplar range will work. It seems that poplar with a suitable glue can be cut with the emblaser but at what thickness.

Balsa central has Basswood ply but I have only had success with their 2.5 mm sheets. (sometimes there is a section in the sheet that is too hard for the laser to cut through.

Interestingly though I tried some 10 mm solid Paulonia the other day and it cut right through at 4 mm / sec at 100% power in  6 passes. Paulonia is a very soft quick growing timber and light in colour. 

Its seem that its a combination of soft timber, light colour and laser grade glue that the emblaser can cut. Engraving has never been a problem. 

I would be interested to know the right type of glue to use when I laminate veneer into sheets.

My best bet so far has been darklylabs poplar ply.






an update. It seems that darklylabs ply is from plyco.


I’ve been using plywood from Bunnings. Works unless the ply warps. To that end I’ve designed and 3D printed some magnetic holders to keep the ply straight. Have not tested these yet.