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Plywood Cruiser Motorcycle

Cut Settings : 400mm/min ; 100% power ; 6 passes (3.5mm plywood)

Have applied a coat of rosewood varnish.



Well done on the 3.5mm ply.

Are you using your Emblaser for your own projects or do you plan to start selling your creations?

Thanks Domenic.

Upon the request of some of my friends, I have just started selling some of the creations.

Have also completed 3 orders invitation cards (total 750 cards) for some of my friends/family.

Sold a few candle stands (have not posted those pics yet), photo engravings, frames and have some requests pouring in.

Have been down with the flu last few days, but I plan to have some of the pics on facebook to spread the word. (don’t know when I will get around to doing that - I find cutting much more exciting!!)