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Plexiglass? Acrylic?

Has anybody used plexiglass? is acrylic better?


I have been using 3mm cast acrylic and works pretty well, see attached pics of a cut and engraved/scan text and quick test cut piece.

Text on small piece was done with material height set at 10mm not 3mm and ran it 3 times to get nice deep engrave but,  I wanted it to be subtle.

The larger piece was done with the material library scan setting for the 3mm black acrylic.

Interestingly (to me anyway) that cutting at 150mm/min 3 passes works out to be the same time as it takes to do 2 passes at 100mm/min.

Last photo kinda shows that the 150mm/min 3 passes (1mm offset drop per pass) gives the best cut result. (third square cut down on left) and the 2 passes at 100mm/min (1.5mm offset per pass) gives a kinda melty result on the back