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Picture Engraved With Light burn!

Every picture is improved by including a cat, although the results from the laser are quite good too!


As usual, the cat appears unimpressed.

Well done Fred.

That is impressive!

What is the material and the laser stats, please?

Wow I love this. I’m trying to do this. I have an Emblaser 1, is this possible? 

Yes Debbie it’s quite possible with the Emblaser 1. Trevor doesn’t say what software he used but Lightburn does an excellent job as does PicEngrave but it does take some trial and error to get the best results.  I think wood without a strong grain pattern (which can compete with the picture) gives better overall results. Baltic Birch works well.

Thanx so much Jared :slight_smile: I’m guessing it’s got to do with a good program to prepare your photo. I have been playing around with it …it’s going to takes LOTS of trial and error I think lol… I’m SO new to all this.