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Photo Engraving on 2mm Black Acrylic using Picengrave Pro & Pic Sender

Engraving of my son’s photo on 2mm black acrylic.


Settings used are as below:

Colors reversed

Analog + Feed Rate

30.0% Feed Rate Change

Feed Rate : 3000 mm/min

Pixel resolution : 0.1524 mm

Max Cut Depth : 255.0000 mm

Min Cut Depth : 0.0000 mm

Engraving angle 45 deg

After engraving I cut out the acrylic via Cut2D.





Very nice Joel,

It looks like Black Acrylic gives similar results as engraving on the back of a mirror by more burning power etching the lighter shades. Is the Black Acrylic you used transparent and will it let light pass through from behind? If so, I’m curious what effect that may give.



Thanks Jeff…

The black acrylic is opaque. Light does not pass through it.

Initially I wanted to do this engraving on translucent (tinted) black acrylic; but it might be another 3-4 weeks till I can get my hands on translucent acrylic, so I used the opaque black acrylic that I had at hand.

Will surely try engraving on translucent acrylic when I get it. Plan to make a wooden photo frame with an LED around the translucent acrylic after engraving.


Well done, Joel.  A new artistic medium, and a new son as well.

(very loud hand clapping goes here)


Thanks John!