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Pet memorial plaque

I’ve been mulling over doing something like this for some time and decided to put laser to wood.  Engraved on 8x10 red alder with the furry friend’s tag embed in the wood.


I have been wanting to do this for our border collie but I’m still dealing with the loss (September 2018).  Someday I’ll be ready.  You did a terrific job.  I like that you embedded the tag.

Great work Mark.

Such a nice gesture, but as Debbie mentions, loss of a pooch does take time to get over.

This is just marvellous. 

Could you please help with a note of the settings you use. The clarity and tones are just perfect.

Pets are a gift to us beyond compare!

Hi David,

As stated the wood is red alder that I purchased from a trophy supply wholesale place online.

The square outlines with the circles on each corner is my fuzzy brained way of making sure the wood is aligned square on the laser bed.  The alignment camera doesn’t do a very good job of helping with the alignment due to the thickness of the wood.  In this case its 3/4".  Some of the other members of the forum might have a better method but for me this way works fine.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.