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Personalised Beech Serving Boards

I engraved these beechwood serving boards as a housewarming gift for a friend.

Settings: 20mm/s, 60-80% power, 1 pass.

The chevrons/herringbone pattern was achieved simply by drawing rectangles and alternating the fill as +60 deg and -60 deg, at 1mm fill spacing.

The solid ampersand (’&’ figure) was engraved at 0.25mm fill spacing.

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They look fantastic.

Thank you for posting and sharing your settings.

You’re welcome! I’m loving my Emblaser so far, and I just wanted to add to the body of knowledge out there.

It would be great if there was a way to save favourite toolpath settings in Cut 2D for different materials, instead of re-entering new values for speed/power/passes every time. (Eg customised setting for pine wood, beech wood, plywood, MDF, etc)

The good news is that the next release of Cut2D-Laser will include a material database to do exactly this.


Excellent, hope we existing users will get a free software update!