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Pens in boxes - e2

I made these for the local woodcraft group. Engraved timber pens with presentation boxes.  All work on the E2, including cutting the felt for the bottom of the box.  

image.jpg image.jpg



Mis-read the title at first glance !


These are great - brilliant gifts.

They look really good -  is that the poplar ply?

But hmmm … using the laser to cut a rectangle out of felt? I’m starting to fall into the same trap though, if it can be cut then out comes the  emblaser!

You’ll know you’ve gone too far when you stick the lamb roast under it…

(Disclaimer: I haven’t done that yet)

Hey Josh,  took a bit of staring at the title but it struck me eventually - chuckle.

Chris, on the underside of the lid is another piece of ply (Yep it is the poplar)  cut to the internal size of the box as a positional piece so I already had the vector.

Besides, have you seen how quick the E2 cuts felt?  

I am fortunate that I have a woodworking shop set up all the time which includes E1, E2 & CNC spindle.  Some days I have all three motoring at once while I’m on the bench working on something else…gets complicated. (Especially since I have E1 & E2 running off a single PC)  

This is off topic but I’m sure will be appreciated.  The following pic is some flat pack furniture I made on the weekend.  (18mm ply)  I believe some flat pack furniture makers supply a little Allen key to assemble. Check out what I used!  :-

image.jpg image.jpg




Is that the 3W or the 4W mallet?

It’s rubber, most likely the 3 watt.