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Pencil Box With Living Hinge

I was looking around on the internets for some cool plywood projects to do. I found a link to add a macro to Inkscape to draw living hinges in your projects. Along with the files for that, they had this free pencil box plan, so I downloaded it, and gave it a try. The living hinges are very cool. I resized the plan because when I opened it up it was gigantic…but in re sizing it I made it slightly too large…when you put a pen inside of it it disappears! But this was just to try out cutting a living hinge. I used the standard 3mm plywood cutting operation, but I slow the speed down to 180mm/min and I did three passes because I was having problems getting my ply to cut all the way through with consistency. The first pic is a little out of focus…sorry for that!

Living hinges are very cool, and I have found a bunch of plans I want to purchase that incorporate them, as well as design my own pieces using them.



Wow. well done David.

Please keep us updated with your results and the things you learn. I’m sure there are many people out there interested in working with live hinges.

Thats flippin rad, I always wanted to try plywood living hinges but never got around to it. Looks like i should make some time.

Living hinges are cool but are a real slow workout for your Emblaser


There are some great design samples at https://obrary.com/. theyare all creative commons. I did the sungalsses case using bunnings 3mm ply. Needed 3 passes and tool  4 hours. I will post pics soon.



great site!