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Paying for a "Trial"?

Hi Dom/ LIghtburn team,

As I don’t frequent the forums here as much as I use to the dropping of Laserweb for Lightburn came out of left field for me. Lightburn sounds like a big improvement over Laserweb, and anything to make my lead-times shorter is defiantly something I’m interested in.

My only issue is why I need to pay for a trial? The E2 was sold to me as an open source machine but now to get the most out of it I need you buy an update for the trial code of Lightburn. So my questions are thus:

Is it worth buying the trial and then buying the full version?

Should I just buy the full version straight up and save myself $40? (It may not seem like a lot of money, but it is to me at the moment)

What is the difference between the trial and full versions? Dose the trail expire?

Dose my material library on laserweb get ported over? Or will I need to devote time to data entry?

Thanks in advance, Tim.

Hi Tim,

This question has come up a few times over the past week and we have just discussed including the Emblaser devices in the trial, with the LightBurn developers. This should happen very soon and you will be able to give LightBurn an unimpeded test.

The trial will not cost anything and will last for 30 days.

Unfortunately your LaserWeb material library will not directly transfer over to LightBurn.

Stay tuned and we will post when the trial is released with the Emblaser devices included.

I read that the trial is free for thirty days then if you want to keep using it you pay for the “key” to make it permanent. Apparently there’s no difference between the trial and the paid for software.


Absolutely correct.

The only missing part in the trial are the devices for supporting the Emblaser 1 & 2.

In a little more detail, LightBurn was released before some planned changes to the E1 and E2 drivers were ready, and before some code on the LightBurn side was fully tested.  In order to avoid confusion and cause additional support issues, the Emblaser devices were removed from the trial at the initial release of LightBurn back in January. It was actually pulled a version late, and someone found it, posted about it, and other users jumped in as well, setting up Emblaser devices that weren’t fully tested, and causing themselves support issues now that the system is finalized and works a slightly different way - it was exactly this kind of thing that pulling the E1 and E2 devices was done to avoid.

The intention of the trial period has always been to allow users to decide for themselves if the software meets their needs, works with their hardware, and so on. Now that the software is released, we’re going to put the E1 and E2 devices back into the trial - their exclusion wasn’t meant to force anyone to buy, and it honestly hadn’t occurred to us to re-activate them until recently.

I’m going to review what changes we have in-flight since our last update, and as long as everything is benign / tested, will put out an update this evening that includes the Emblaser devices in the trial.

Domenic/ LightBurn,

Thank you both for your quick responses!

I understand, things move so quickly that temporary measures get left in place through no ones fault. Especial when bug finding and stability for the majority is the aim.

Looking forward to trying LightBurn with my E2. My little home business has just started to grow legs, so any improvements in the production chain are welcome.

Thanks again to you both for taking the time out of your weekends to comment.  

Hi Timothy, I jumped the gun like many and downloaded the trial and only to have it expire before the version for Emblaser was released, thinking bummed that now I couldn’t evaluate the software before switching. 

I actually liked Laserweb and was very familiar with it and had no issues with it thinking it was slow because I was using and old dilapidated laptop which then died so I then was using my sons cheapo laptop with similar slow speed. I was literally losing hours just waiting for laserweb to catch up to changes or loading  intricate designs with lots of cuts.

I then bought a brand new surface pro (love it) and was shocked to find laserweb was still slow, not what I expected at all. Then saw the comments on how fast Lightburn is so just bit the bullet and bought it.

Gotta say Holey smokes its quick compared to LW it is like lightning. (probably didn’t need to blow $1600 on a new surface lol, wont tell the wife that) Just the savings in time alone is worth the price of the software and the features are growing at a crazy pace with great support. 


Forgot to add, I wished it worked on my cnc machine as well

The v0.6.02 release, posted today, includes the Emblaser devices in the trial version.