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Papercraft IS-2

Wow.You have been busy!

As usual, amazing detailed work. The tank treads are brilliant.

OH MY GOD! That is amazing work! I am having trouble believing that is paper! I am a huge WW2/ armor buff, and I used to build models allot when I was younger and had more time! Not only are the pieces amazingly accurate, but your painting and weathering is superb. Did you design all the pieces yourself? Is it all cut out on the laser? Is the materiel card stock?

‘Modelik’ brand’s template is the original design.(papercraft)

I scaned and redrawed to vector for Embalser.

All parts cut with Emblaser. 

Used papers are 120g, 180g papers and 0.5mm~1.5mm thick craftpapers.

Thank you ^^

That is some serious work. WELL DONE.

amazing work!

may i ask what software you use for converting the scan into a vector drawing? also, do you manually draw every line or do you use a ‘vectorizing’ tool in your software?